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Great prototyping advice: Fail early, fail fast, fail often

Wanna Create A Great Product? Fail Early, Fail Fast, Fail Often is a great article today in Fast Co. Design magazine about the need for prototyping, how not enough people do it, and an overview of various approaches you might consider. For high-fidelity prototypes, Jeremy Jackson has the following advice:

High-fidelity prototypes can take a variety of forms: They can be coded as working HTML, CSS, and Javascript interfaces, or they can manifest themselves as non-interactive motion studies. Choose the technique that best tells your solution’s story and allows to you test any weaknesses in the system.

And there’s a great anecdote here, too:

Thumbplay, a “cloud”-based streaming music service, partnered with Method to design their next-generation app for Web-enabled televisions. Method’s designers and technologists worked together closely to create a fully animated, true-to-life prototype that allowed user testing of key service features and history states. The prototype was easily shared and demonstrated through a Web browser and, ultimately, proved instrumental in validating a number of visual and user-experience design decisions and creating a successful service.

This just goes to show how high-fidelity prototypes really allow you to get as close to the real experience of the final product as quickly as possible.

Read the full article for Jeremy’s tips on how to integrate prototyping into your development process and some awesome quotes by James Dyson and Thomas Edison.

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