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“A designer who does not write markup and css is not designing for the web, but drawing pictures.”

Andy Rutledge wrote a blog post saying that web design is product design:

Web design is product design. Drawing a picture of the product is not designing the product. Web design is experience design. Drawing a picture of on-screen content or mechanism behaviors is not designing the experience. The functioning html/css (and sometimes JavaScript) is the design.

The key quote here is “the functioning code is the design”. All too often people view “design” as just describing something visual. But the design of a building isn’t the picture of the building, it’s the blueprint. The design of an iMac consists of more than just an illustration of the iMac, it involves all the specifications and internals. That’s design. To wall in design within the visual is to misunderstand all the skills designers must have to do their jobs well.

In the case of web design, as Andy says, the code is the design. The beautiful thing about that is that you can work on just the design, writing HTML and CSS, and suddenly you have the end result. You don’t need to go into, say, mass manufacturing. You just publish your code (and maybe clean it up a bit). This is why we made Handcraft.

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  • Uh what?

    I agree that surface visuals of a product doesn’t really suffice as complete design, but that doesn’t translate into finished code (html/css/js) … in the same way that the finished design of a building is the blueprint plans, and not the bricks and mortar on the block.

    by eric • Oct 4th 2011 • 06:10

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