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An open letter to Stripe

Update: Stripe responded below, and if you want Stripe in Europe you can leave your name and country here

Dear people at Stripe,

Stripe sounds lovely and I wanted to add a voice from Europe calling for you guys to hurry up and get over here. The payment processing industry is probably a mess in the US, but I can almost guarantee you it’s even more of a mess over here if you’re not in the UK. Sounds like a great business opportunity, right?

In getting ours set up we went through a 3-month long nightmare/adventure and finally settled on Ogone+Spreedly. I’m sure you know of both. Spreedly is like Stripe in its elegance and simplicity, but it’s not full-stack, which means we’re required to suffer through the terrible UX and customer support of Ogone. Seriously, if there’s a company I could say I actually hate, it might be Ogone.

I wrote some blog posts about our experiences that I’d like to share with you in an attempt to hopefully convince you to expedite your trip across the Atlantic:

Please come to Europe as soon as possible. We’re over here waiting to give you our 2.9% + 30c.

Yours faithfully,

People in Europe who want to make money off their web-based software

* * *

Update: Stripe responds!

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the letter! Believe me, we’re working on it. Expanding
outside of the US is our biggest priority. About half the team is
originally from outside the States (I’m from Ireland myself), so we
understand the pain of trying to accept money online in Europe.

So in answer to your letter: we’re not just considering it; we’re
actively working hard on making it happen.

Thanks for the support — it means a lot to us!




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  • Don’t forget the rest of the world!

    by anon • Oct 3rd 2011 • 13:10

  • definetely you should make it to europe asap! The market here desperately needs such solution! Myself would be happy to use it for my projects and i know many other will do the same!

    by petref • Oct 3rd 2011 • 13:10

  • +1

    by Johan • Oct 3rd 2011 • 13:10

  • What’s wrong with (recently rebranded to skrill) ?

    by scotty • Oct 3rd 2011 • 13:10

  • Many people may not realise this, but Europe is the largest economy in the world according to the IMF, who know a thing or two about this stuff.

    Since I saw Stripe last week, I’ve been wondering why no one in Europe has managed to put something similar together. We have the technical expertise and the world largest economy, so what’s stopping us?

    Sadly, it turns out that Europe is so fragmented and disparate when it comes to banking practices that the benefits of working in the worlds largest economy are completely obliterated by the difficulties of working with all the countries involved, many of which are so fundamentally corrupt (I’m looking at you Italy) that any sane legislation is unlikely to go through.

    Stripe may well cobble together solutions for individual countries like Germany, France and the UK, where there’s enough money flowing around to warrant it, but the return on investment quickly starts to diminish as you tackle the smaller countries, which is not really a great incentive for Stripe to “pull their finger out”. I’m not saying they wont, I’m saying the incentives aren’t all that great.

    It would be nice if everyone in Europe had the Euro, and everyone in Europe also had the same banking practices, but if you rank that possibility on a scale of 1 to 10, the scale explodes.

    One alternative I can see happening however is for some savvy EU state to make it ridiculously easy to open up business accounts, with multiple currencies that anyone in Europe (if not the world) can open and run their business through, with the easy transfer of cash from country to country. Other than bureaucracy, I don’t see what’s stopping them.

    In fact, the commercial banks could well be eliminated from the equation. The value of the digital economy is important to any countries future growth that the central banks could plausibly take the initiative here.

    by Tom Elders • Oct 3rd 2011 • 13:10

  • “it’s even more of a mess over here if you’re not in the UK”

    It’s pretty much a mess in the UK too…

    by Peter Bowyer • Oct 3rd 2011 • 13:10

  • I have to say that billing is a mess all around the world. PayPal? Pure crap. I’ve been using it on Codeplane and I have to say that I hate it.

    It would be really nice to use something like Stripe on my apps. So, please consider Brazil as well. :)

    by Nando Vieira • Oct 3rd 2011 • 14:10

  • Co-sign! It’s sad how credit card payments still makes developers hurl. I don’t believe in credit cards but until it’s completely replaced we need something like Stripe – all other providers are so tired. We currently only accepting Klarna as payment solution just because we despise the state of credit card payments.

    by Jonas Grimfelt • Oct 3rd 2011 • 14:10

  • The problem is probably not on the provider side… but anyway, I sign as well. Some pressure on the provider cannot be a bad thing.

    by fstephany • Oct 3rd 2011 • 14:10

  • We need a service like this!

    by Giovanni Piller Cottrer • Oct 3rd 2011 • 14:10

  • Moneybooker is pathetic to use. Useless restrictions and not user and developer friendly.I would like to have Sprite for Asia as well.

    Adnan from Pakistan

    by Adnan • Oct 3rd 2011 • 15:10

  • Funny — I wrote the same thing to Stripe guys right after they announced they are launching. We run a SaaS company in the EU (Poland) and would love to have a sane way to offer our services worldwide.

    by Jan Rychter • Oct 3rd 2011 • 15:10

  • +1 – Get over here!

    by Ariejan de Vroom • Oct 3rd 2011 • 15:10

  • +1 – Would switch immediately

    by Glenn Gillen • Oct 3rd 2011 • 16:10

  • Hi Rahul,

    I’m just wondering if you have tried / ? There is a lot of positive feedback about this company/service and they work in EU. I’ve planned to use them in my new service…

    Anyway, it would be good if Stripe come to EU too :)


    by Stan • Oct 3rd 2011 • 16:10

  • Stan,

    We tried FastSpring and passed. You can read more about why in this blog post:

    by Rahul • Oct 3rd 2011 • 16:10

  • Co-sign! Looks like Stripe will have a fair few customers immediately once they get to Europe. I used Ogone as part of a job for a client, and though I can’t say it was any more shit than other payment providers, that’s really not saying much. The worst was Axis bank (ie. no meaningful error codes and no documentation except a PHP snippet). For my own project, I’m using Paypal and although it’s easy to use, I’m just waiting for the day they decide to freeze my account like so many others… Come On Stripe!!

    by westiseast • Oct 3rd 2011 • 17:10

  • Hi Rahul,

    I definitely agree with getting better technology here… but have you seen

    They seem to have a much better (read effective/innovative solution).

    Let me know what you think in comparison to stripe.


    by Rayhan Rafiq Omar • Oct 3rd 2011 • 18:10

  • Stripe looks great, congrats to them for shaking up the payments space.

    If your non US based you may be interested in (I’m the founder).

    You can started right away without a merchant account, and as you grow add your own merchant account any time.

    We support international businesses, recurring subscriptions and you can get to market quickly with zero coding (or integrate with our easy API).

    by Colin8ch • Oct 3rd 2011 • 21:10

  • We’re eagerly awaiting the Stripe service in France as well. Thanks for calling attention to the demand for Stripe in Europe.

    by Eric Walker • Oct 4th 2011 • 10:10

  • As of March 22nd 2012, Stripe is still not available in Europe …

    I’m sure the team is hard at work, but I can’t wait to see Stripe come and shake all the other payment providers we have here …

    Another awaiting Stripe customer ;-)

    by Julien Palmas • Mar 22nd 2012 • 17:03

  • I suppose it’s not gonna launch in the smaller countries of the Europe anyway, bad luck if you are not from Germany, UK or France.

    Damn it!

    by Aleš • May 29th 2012 • 16:05

  • Hi all,

    we are offering mostly the same as stripe for germany and austria right now. The european launch with more functionality is coming first of november 2012 (for the most european countries) … Maybe you all have a look on our api at first of november, till than we have only a german webpage but the creditcard payment is already running for germany and austria …

    Best regards

    by Christian Braun (Paymill) • Oct 5th 2012 • 13:10

  • +1 to see stripe in Europe

    by Michal Pawlowski • Dec 7th 2012 • 19:12

  • New Zealand + Australia please.

    by Scott Barrington • Dec 10th 2012 • 23:12

  • Just in case you missed it – Stripe has launched a UK beta and full rollout will follow:

    by Craig • Mar 4th 2013 • 14:03

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