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Stripe beta in the Netherlands – how is it?

For those of you following our blog because of our series of posts documenting our (mis)adventures trying to get payments up and running, some good news: Stripe is now available in the UK! And not only that, we’ve been lucky enough to get access to the beta of Stripe for the Netherlands. You can too by signing up here.

So, how is Stripe? In a nutshell, it’s amazing. It instantly makes our current payments stack of Spreedly, Ogone and Atos Worldline redundant. And we’re able to throw away most of the code we’ve had running to support the previous stack. Our monthly costs have dropped dramatically, from over $100/month to pay for the three different providers to just 2.9% + 0.30 per payment for Stripe.

To get started, you just follow the excellent, extensive documentation¬†for Checkout, the basic Stripe feature that gets you up and running quickly. Plug the javascript into your signup page and you’re good to go. Stripe allows Dutch companies to process euros and US dollars, although right now to get paid out in USD you’ll need a US bank account. All major credit cards are also accepted, so no hassle having to manually go out and figure out why American Express is being difficult.

Signing up for an account with Stripe itself is also effortless – they just need email address and a password and you can go ahead and start implementing. To activate your account, just fill in some business basics (BTW number, KVK, address etc) and you’re good to go. Add a bank account to actually get paid, which happens every day with a seven day delay.

This couldn’t have come at a better time,¬†since we’re currently in the middle of getting ready to launch a completely revamped Handcraft (plus, Spreedly is selling off its subscription platform to Pin Payments, which didn’t appeal to us). So thank you Stripe, for finally making it over here and for making it easier, quicker and safer to process credit card payments in the Netherlands.

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